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Diamond D
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Default My turn for "Poor esthetic quality??"

My rejected photo -


Contrasted with these already in the DB:

Image © Googanelli
PhotoID: 229287
Photograph © Googanelli

Image © Nikos Kavoori
PhotoID: 218928
Photograph © Nikos Kavoori

Image © Robert Scott - FoamersNW.org
PhotoID: 57630
Photograph © Robert Scott - FoamersNW.org

Clearly there are other switch photos in the DB, and numerous other sepia ones have shown up recently.

So is it my processing? Does the composure of the picture just stink? Any suggestions for a chance to get accepted? Thanks for looking

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Since J's greatest switchstand shot of all time, there's no need to accept anymore..

Seriously though, I like the shot.. The screener didn't... doesn't make it a bad shot though. My best selling shot of all time, was a PEQ here too...

Loyd L.
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In general I like the shot and I have no suggestions, other than to appeal.

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Holy Crap! Someone actually referenced one of my photos!

Ok ok, seriously, I think your shot is cool. I hope they take it.

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Joe the Photog
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I've had no luck getting switch stand shots approved the lsat few weeks. They always come back "PEQ." My guess with yours is that they would like to see more of the actual throw switch. (Probably an actual name for that instead of throw switch.) Show me something I can't see by driving up or walking up to it. Get more at the switch's level or look down straight on it. Or shoot from the other side looking back at it with a wider angle.

That's the main thing that is different from your than the ones you linked. They're showing me something more that I couldn't normally see.

I'm not a fan of the color either, but that may be just me.

Joe the Photog Dot Com
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