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Default 2317 - Another Engine Derailment at Steamtown

Seems a maintenance crew repaved a grade crossing within the yard overnight unbeknownst to 2317's engine crew. This resulted in the engine being completely derailed early this afternoon.

View The Seven Picture SlideShow of This Event HERE

Images provided to me courtesy of Don Guill who was visiting Steamtown.
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Walter S
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How in the world is this place able to keep open? This is just crazy, if u want to see a derailment i'd say your best bet is to make a trip to Steamtown. Such a sad thing to see. They must get fine waivers from the FRA.
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Peter MacCauley
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I only hope this doesn't turn into another Frisco 1522 situation. Hopefully, this most recent mishap hasn't damaged the driver bearings (which, if i recall correctly, is what permanently parked 1522).
Peter MacCauley

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