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Default PEQ for the 4th


I don't see why they'd give it a PEQ. Anyone have an idea?
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Maybe one of the screeners is or has been a member of the ...

The fireworks are obstructed and the pole is less than ideal. Seems they might have done a different reject than PEQ, but who knows.

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Dennis A. Livesey
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Seeing the fireworks (in a train context) is the whole reason for the image, yet the viewer cannot clearly see them. Therefore it was rejected because all those awful poles and wires are blocking the view.

I would say a more correct rejection would be "Foreground Obstruction" then "PEQ."

Also pretty up the image in general. Lower the Exposure get the sky darker blue, with a touch more Contrast and Vibrancy. Make it feel more like night rather than improperly exposed.

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Originally Posted by Cjbdiesel View Post
I don't see why they'd give it a PEQ.
Because it's an aesthetically unappealing scene?
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Ron Flanary
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It was a good concept, but with the wires and poles, it's too "busy" with clutter.
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As people have said, the pole is the subject. Interesting background though.
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Holloran Grade
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It is just a jumble of elements with no real composition.
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It looks like you intentionally lined up the fireworks and the vertical crossing gate bar! A poor choice if intentional. Also, the light showing under the engine, it makes the image be a combination of two entirely disparate emphases, the fireworks, and the silhouette of the engine. That does not work at all, for me.
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