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Default Getting back in the game

It's been a long time since I either submitted anything to this website or posted in the forums, but with the purchase of a new camera and more free time on my hands post college, I thought I would get back to more than just arm chair rail fanning.

On that note, today I submitted an older photo I took 7 years ago this month that I thought was one of the better ones I had ever taken back in the day and it was rejected for Poor Image Quality. Looking for some guidance on what was wrong with this photo and if there was any way to improve it or grounds for appeal and any way to improve in the future. Any help is appreciated.
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Hi Patrick,

A couple of thoughts/questions:

Is the image embedded in your post exactly the same size as what you submitted to RP? If so, that's just a 129 KB file, which is not a high quality JPEG. Just to give you a rough idea, the ones I submit are typically between 600 KB and 1 MB (1024 x 683 pixels).

There is a big halo around the headlight in that shot. It appears to be some kind of lens flare or other optical effect. Because of it, the viewer cannot read the number boards on the locomotive's headlight bracket. They have no idea what engine they are looking at.

The foreground looks pretty underexposed. It's not so much the dark nose of the locomotive, but the snow is underexposed as well. All of the light (except the headlight) is behind the engine. The lighting is not great.

Also....and this is just a pet peeve of mine....the exposure time on this image is so long that the steam just looks like a big blob engulfing the engine. Some people still like that effect I guess, and 5 or more years ago, all night shots looked like that. Today, with cameras that can handle higher ISOs, most people jack the ISO and shoot short exposures to get the steam and smoke looking more natural. Long night exposures on steam engines are pretty much passe.

Hope that helps at least a little...

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I like the classic look of this. The image quality is poor, though. What was the original taken with?
The headlight halo is a minus as well, although RP recently accepted a glint steam shot with a big internal reflection all over the front of the engine.
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I really like the composition but I agree there just isn't enough resolution.

Kent in SD
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