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Default must be a little rusty..

went out last night in the snow to shoot for the first time in a month or two.

Suprisingly this one made it in:

and this one got rejected:

I thought it was going to be the other way around.

Any ideas what I should do?
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I have to agree with the screeners in this one...the scene with the gates going down looks a little busier, incorporating all the elements around the gates, plus the scene is nicely filled and the exposure is dead-on. The streak with the signal is just that...a streak and a signal, and nothing else. It also looks a bit overexposed, but that's not the primary issue.

My best suggestion for the rejected shot would be to fill the space better, perhaps allow the signal to take up more of the shot rather than just a smaller role in the scene.

Just my two cents...
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I'm generally not a fan of streak shots, but I actually like this one (if you cropped off the junk on the right edge and leveled it !!!!!). It has some nice pastel-like hues. It's more about the color and feel than the train blur (which by itself I generally find boring - but the concept seems popular enough!).

Perhaps the diffuseness of the entire image except the signal - which I really like - makes it a bit too abstract-artsy for RP or for the one particular screener. And the strong light/glow coming from the right background. Now that I think about it more, I suspect that is part of the reason, it does not seem like a natural element - maybe it's just overexposure, maybe it is some weird light source.

I personally would rotate, crop, and resubmit.
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At first I did not like the second shot. Came back for a second look a while later and have different feelings about that. Maybe darken the entire image a tad bit. Also the actual signal light looks a little blown out, maybe its just my screen.
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