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Originally Posted by JRMDC
Well, Chuck, given your previous conspiracy theories about how RP accepts images, you may not be fully sensitive to the differences between reasonable and not so reasonable criticisms of RP and RP screening.

I suspect that Kent knows a lot about photography. I also suspect he doesn't know a lot about the current state of RP and he has some biases based on his knowledge and/or perceptions of RP in the past. So he comes in here and says some foolish and inaccurate stuff. As a result, because the rest of us are human, we don't trust him to say accurate things on any topic, even on topics where he might be well informed.

See what he said in post 4 of this thread, which I quoted and responded to in my post 9 of this thread.

There is a difference between an opposing viewpoint and a foolish viewpoint. It is a matter of judgment, and my judgment, for one but I suspect shared by many others, is that this particular viewpoint is way, way on the foolish end. Kent has chosen to begin participating on the forums here - welcome! - but doesn't seem to have chosen to inform himself about the website much.
Janusz, with all due respect, I really don't feel like starting a lengthy debate about this, because I'm predicting that's exactly where it's heading...
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Originally Posted by ccaranna
Janusz, with all due respect, I really don't feel like starting a lengthy debate about this, because I'm predicting that's exactly where it's heading...
That's fine.

I am trying these days to avoid debates, so maybe I would have not gone on too long anyway. I think I have said everything I could say about Kent, so people can read it and agree/disagree/ignore.
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I wouldn't know Kent if I fell over him but on this occassion, I will have to disagree. The photograph was obviously taken during a high sun period.

I'm curious about this high sun, common motive power theory though ...

Here's some rare motive power shots that were rejected for high sun. It doesn't take long for the sun to get high in the sky in Queensland especially when our carriages are substantially wider than the bogies!

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Originally Posted by ccaranna
I can see where you're coming from, but why is it frowned upon for anyone to express an opposing viewpoint around here? I could never understand that.
Finally, what's up with all of the trackside sleeping? You guys must be bored or something. To me, that just shows: "Hey, welcome to the wonderful world of train watching! Come join us. We're so pumped up and excited about it, we fall asleep."
Chuck, why are you frowning upon someone taking a nap during railfanning? Wouldn't that be considered frowning upon someone expressing a different behavior during railfanning? Not everyone has the same sleep patterns, and I could never understand why people don't understand that.
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