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Default Historical Photos

I joined this because I have a number of historical photos of the last revenue producing fireless steam locomotives in Montana at the Somers, Montana tie plant.

I posted four & they were all rejected, they were all taken with an old Argus C3 in 1981-82 they are what they are, I can't go back in time with a better camera so I was wondering if there was a more forgiving photo site where I can share them?

here is one example S-2 with engineer & helper with a fresh load of untreated ties:


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Some of your shots may be salvageable with additional post processing; how about showing us all the rejections?
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The site is known to be more forgiving of historical photographs. But that doesn't mean anything and everything gets in. The one shot you posted so far is clearly below RP standards for the reasons it was rejected as well as being unlevel and for being a going away shot.

That watermark also detracts, but that's a personal bias I have against them.

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