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Default Xhat thinking about that ?


Your opinion please

The first rejected image where appeal have been makes with this comment: "Yes the train is in the left lower corner, but this image would show also the track profile where the train will run...": we will see if accepted after appeal !

Second image have to much noise ? really ?

Third is detail of coupling system of many European rail equipments... But qualified to poor aesthetic quality for screeners...

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#1- Too close to the edge of the frame?

#2- I like. Guess their Invisible Noise Detector is online.

#3- Maybe they don't like you between the rails on an active track?
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1) a bit too close lower left for my tastes. As for your justification, I understand the words, but I don't see how that makes the shot more compelling. Surpassed by perhaps hundreds of your other shots; if the appeal works, great, but I wouldn't get worked up about this one

2) I never see noise so I am not the one to opine. Looks like it needs more contrast, though. Really cool looking station!

3) It's boring! It has no focal point within the opening, just a jumble of stuff. By contrast, for example, many steam engine cab shots have an interesting arrangement of valves and gauges that create structure.
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Ouch on all three counts...

I like 'em all as is - and a lot more then maybe 80% of what I saw accepted today. Why did the screener reject them? My guess would be his pet was walking on the keyboard during the screening process. What other possible rationalization could there be?

I'll agree with miningcamper - the train in the first linked shot is a bit low in the frame and more specifically, a bit tight to the edge. Can you go with a bigger overall crop, or maybe bring the train up ever so slightly? Works as is - just in general, and especially in comparison to what is routinely accepted to RP but a looser crop would let the image breath. Love the composition - working with catenary can be very tricky and the topography is fascinating as captured.

Noise - I don't see it. And I'm a stickler about that...

The coupler shot - love it! Nicely seen and captured. Not boring at all. Love the extreme almost but not fisheye angle as much as I simply like the idea of a very well lit detail shot. And detail in something not often even possible to capture.

I'd appeal the last two - hope sanity reigns.

The first - if you can open it up a bit, that would be ideal. If not, maybe re-shoot looser or appeal stating there's no or few examples like it on RP and you are not able to re-compose if in fact the composition was the issue.


'Shame RP seems to push some of its best patrons so often in that direction. A frustration I think those that post few pics can truly understand.

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Second one - "noise" - rejection aside, can you reshoot with a better sky? As is, it's blown out and clipped white. A rejection in that respect would be easier to sympathize with, though the majority of the image if focused on the interior.

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