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Default Railfanning yesterday in Clemson

Yesterday, I got up dark and early and rode my bike into Clemson for a few hours of shooting trains. I went to one of my favorite railfanning locations, which is for the most part “out of service” due to sun angles, but still good for night shots, to shoot the morning’s Crescent. Unfortunately, at this spot, if the lake is up too high, you can literally end up in deep water. Well, today it was high so I could not get a clear shot. With it running on time, I had about ten minutes to prepare. Instead, I tried to creatively include some branches. If you know the numbers of the engines, I’d love to know. Actually, two minutes late, the train streaks across the Seneca River Trestle.

After that, I figured I could bike the mile to the station area before a train came, so I packed up quickly and left. As I came to where I could almost see the signal, I was slightly bummed, because, what do you know, I saw a triangle of lights, making up a northbound intermodal highball through Clemson. I then decided to head north to a boat landing that my siblings told me I could see the trestle from. I found a walking trail and then a place near the lake that I could shoot the trestle. Unfortunately, it was on the verge of too hazy to shoot from this far away (almost a mile). I set up my shot and then read How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger (a very inspiring book) for a while. A southbound intermodal went through, which I shot, but due to the haze, the pictures were extremely subpar. After a good while, another southbound intermodal traveled through. A UP GEVO, adding a lot more interest to the train, led this one.

I continued waiting for some time before I decided to go back into Clemson and see if I could put together a shot I had wanted to do. The desired shot would have been a telephoto mash including the stretch of track leading down to the bridge and all, however, this shot turned out to be clearly unfeasible. So I rode up the road to go home, all the while I was watching the signal. And as I watched, the Approach Diverging changed to Clear. So, I decided to stick around. I waited about thirty minutes before I heard the horn. The partly cloudy sky given me today donated a cloud, which wouldn’t move. Then, adding to the stakes lost, I watched as a trio of UP engines led an intermodal on its way north. I got these shots, which would probably be on RailPictures now if it weren’t for a stupid cloud.
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Originally Posted by A Friend
everytime i see non-train photos of yours i think, "so much talent. wasted on trains."
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