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Default Horizon unlevel help.

I had this picture rejected for being unlevel, however I am having difficulty telling which way the picture is leaning and what part of the picture to use for reference when leveling it.

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It appears to be leaning slightly to the right. I would use the telephone pole above the lead locomotive as well as the signals to level it.
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To level here on RP, usually you will want to look for a horizontal or vertical line in the center of picture and level that. if the middle of the shot is level, then the other lines will fall naturally into place. (This can take care of wide angle lens distortion very well.)

With this image you can use locomotive door verticals at the rear of the front unit or the front of the rear unit. These, along with new buildings, are usually the most reliable leveling cues. (Watch out for super-elevated curves however.)

Do not take level off items on the sides or top/bottom of the picture or suspect items like old buildings, or in this instance, poles.

People have gone insane trying to level their pictures for RP. But since I learned this technique here on these very forums circa 2008, I don't recall getting a level rejection since.

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Please go through this or similar threads in case of doubt. I have learned many things from such threads.
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