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Default Advice and comments needed :)


I usually don't post here because I don't like to cry out to the public all my rejections. But this time I siply just don't know why this photo: http://www.railpictures.net/viewreject.php?id=188114 keeps getting Bad Crop. I really don't know. I have tried some variations, like croping a little bit closer to the front and end of the train, but it was the same...
It seams that this photo is just unacceptable.. well.. tough luck.. but please tell me why.. I wonna know why!?
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Christopher Muller
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Just from a non-screener's view, seems a little underexposed, there is an obstruction (tree) of the locomotive, subject is too far away. I haven't had any "panoramic" or side view shots accepted, but in my opinion (not saying which) there are a few pictures that have made it in that aren't as good as this one.
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I'd say the only thing to do here is appeal because you wouldn't want to to crop out any of the scenery.
Nick Hart
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Joe the Photog
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I'm surprised it keeps getting bad cropping. The crop seems god even with the trees in the left hand corner of the shot, which is framing more than cropping. My hunch is the the shrubs in front of the loco trucks will keep this shot from getting it. A wise move may have been to snap the shot just a bit sooner when there would be less foreground clutter in front of the trucjs.

Joe H.
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Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
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The train is in the middle of the photo. Try to leave more of the buildings int he background and bring up the bottom a little. Follow the rule of thirds but making two imaginery lines across the photo and keeping the train on one of the lines. Good luck.
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With all the houses in the background, the image is too busy, no matter how it is cropped. Maybe with the train 1/3 the way up it should look better.
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