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Default working "foreground clutter" into a shot

Here is a pic I took about a year ago and it got netted for foreground clutter, which is the bench and the landscaping and that godforsaken chainlink fence. My question is there a way to work that into the shot without getting nailed.


I also have found a way to work that light in the background out of the shot so that wont be a problem.

Your Ideas?
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Unless it's someone tearing the fence down triumphantly before the locomotive is restored to running condition, I doubt there's an acceptable RP.net photo to be had with a wide shot of that subject. The shrubs, fence, and benches are too much.

The only option I can see would be a very well lit and well composed detail shot. There's probably some really interesting texture there that could be explored a bit...
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I personally would have attempted shooting through the fence to get a better photo. Not sure if that would have worked perfectly but the fence just takes away from the photo, as already stated.
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