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Default Chasing UP 2002

The Reverend, Ike, Julia, and I hopped on over to the east side today to catch ZYCMXB 28 which was fronted by the UP 2002, one of the Salt Lake City Olympic engines. It showed by Gard at 12:54, Dave showed up about the same time as Ike, and we headed over about 13:30. We followed the line up to Valley Junkyard, didn't get shot or carjacked, then headed north along the Springfield Sub. We passed an empty coal train sitting at Q Tower, and The Rev predicted the ZYCMXB 28 may be sitting at Bissell Street.

Indeed it was sitting at Bissell Street. It was 14:00 by now, the outbound crew was called for 14:30, so we figured it would be moving as soon as the coal drag left. The trouble is that the coal drag was waiting on a very late Texas Vulture, which zoomed by a little after 14:00. And then it got to be time for that other abortion of a train, Amtrak 304, to come by. We parked on the shoulder of Highway 3, hoping again not to get shot or robbed, and waited, and waited, and waited. While waiting, we got a couple shots of movements on the TRRA.


Finally, though I tried not to look, I watched as 304 came and went. It still took about 20 minutes after Amcrash, but finally, the illumination of the ditch lights told us it was time to set up for a shot. I was going to get a telephoto wedgie coming under the TRRA when I looked up and saw NS 111 coming. Were they going to pass head to head? I hurried and changed lenses and got to the shoulder of the road. They did not, but were darn close. Still, what great luck to have them show up at the same time.


Image ©
Photograph ©

We went to Cahokia, yet another town where you never know if bullets are going to randomly pass by your windshield, and stopped off for some nutritious nourishment at McDonalds and Toxic Bell. After that, we headed to Airflight Road. That would have been a good shot, but right before ZYCMXB 28 showed up, a northbound intermodal came by and we did not want that in the background, so we drove down to Maplehood School. Since ZYCMXB 28 had a red at Parks, there was no need to hurry. Finally, ZYCMXB 28 got a clear and headed on by us.


After passing the train at Dupo, we went to BB Road to catch it one more time. The crew change was quick, and soon he was heading south. I shot it passing a distant MPIPB 28 and one closer. The MPIPB 28 shot is kind of neat because three of the quarter mile posts are visible in the shot, and I was near one, too. It's just a really deep telephoto.


Image ©
Photograph ©

Of course, once an intermodal train is by BB Road, unless it stops for some reason, your butt is pretty well smoked. That is OK, because we were going to head home anyway and down a couple cold ones. Well, at least Ike and I did. The Rev has to adhere to the "eight hours from bottle to throttle" rule. I just don't see why, though, it's not like you have to steer those locomotives, and red is red, green is green, no matter if you are sober or you have knocked a few back.

Click on n691lf.rrpicturearchives.net for a good laugh and waste of your time.
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