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Default How To Sharpen this photo


Any ideas how I can edit this photo to look better? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Default Rain! Your not kidding

Hi Andrew,

I see this is your first post so Welcome aboard!

I just applied USM 150% @ 0.7 threshold 0, that seemed to pull it together a bit.

I couldn't see your exposure values in the EXIF but I think you done a pretty good job in those conditions.


Edit PS.
I also tried adjusting the levels a little, not as much as PhotoShop suggests, that also helped.


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Andrew, that is a very interesting picture. I like it. The heavy rain produces a very pleasant effect, and softens (in a good way) the image. Hopefully with Alan's suggestions about sharpening, it will get accepted. However be prepared for some potential leveling issues and perhaps a crop issue, since the crop is very tight.....have no idea how much room you have to deal with on the original/ But even as is I'd gladly accept it. Goes to show that you don't need sun over your shoulder to get good pix!
John West
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