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Default Need someone elses eyes.

This was rejected for being blurry, And everything looks crisp to me. Including the engineer and conductor. Any help is appreciated.

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I see some poor image quality. A lot of grain in the sky.
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It is a bit blurry. The numerboards seem a little soft and look at the cab of the second unit. It's not terrible, but noticable.
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Joey Bowman
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Blurry? Not to me.

Soft? Definitely, though I dont think its too bad in this photo, in my opinion I would consider it acceptable after just a very small amount of sharpening.

Grain? Sure is, but is that a bad thing? Poor image quality? Technically I do not see it, though I would say that its not an impressive photograph by any means.
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Northern Limits
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Shallow DoF because of large aperture to accommodate low light?
Some of the foreground is blurry as well as much of the background, eg. the tree beyond the front of the locomotive.
Try using the aperture priority setting or a higher ISO setting.
Cheers, Jim.

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