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Default Back Home and Back on Track!

Im finally done with my first year of college! The 300 mile victory journey from Pullman to Edmonds, WA included a slight detour over Stevens Pass so I could see some trains. Sadly, only a couple trains came over the pass on the slow Sunday and the only good shot was this in Eastern Washington:
Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 186562
Photograph © Mike Bjork

After a VERY GOOD nights rest (my first restful night in about 3 weeks), its time to have some fun. I get up at 10am and walk down to Edmonds to catch the 10:21 Amtrak Cascades from Bellingham. Ol' #513 is perfectly on time today!
Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 186568
Photograph © Mike Bjork

And turn around 180 degrees! SNAP!
Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 186560
Photograph © Mike Bjork

Unknown to me at the time, a bomb threat closed down the ferry run in Edmonds. I really have stopped caring though. The only thing that annoyed me was the red flag placed in Edmonds until 1430 so MoW crews could work on the switch. So no trains moving for a while...

1430 rolls around, the red flag is lifted, and back to the beach. No trains until my friend Steve De Vight arrives at 3:45pm. We sit at the beach, share some stories, and shoot the breeze. Good to see an old friend after being away at college.

Finally the show begins. The first freight, a garbage train from Everett, is lead by a green machine and good friend, BNSF #7166.
Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 186630
Photograph © Mike Bjork

The next train though, led by BNSF's C44-9W #4744, Steve captures as my shot gets rejected from RP.net and I'm away from my desktop to rework it.
Image © Stephen De Vight
PhotoID: 186671
Photograph © Stephen De Vight

Time for the passenger hour! Steve and I head north to MP19 to snap a new angle at low tide. First train though is Sounder #1700 north to Everett running about 10 minutes late. And I just realized I didn't upload that shot... oops!

Next train is the Empire Builder, running on time out of Seattle. I'd hope shes on time since its only about 40 min into the trip! Its a good day to see the silver and blue wave.
Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 186627
Photograph © Mike Bjork

A little dead time until Sounder #1702 plows though, so we set up for our next shots. She finally pulls into Edmonds, my dad gets off, and she blasts out of town towards me and Steve. The first shot is by Steve, where you can see me in the shot (I'm the little red person next to the last coach car).
Image © Stephen De Vight
PhotoID: 186674
Photograph © Stephen De Vight

My shot taken a couple seconds later looking down the tracks.
Image © Mike Bjork
PhotoID: 186624
Photograph © Mike Bjork

Sadly, our beloved "passenger hour" has been demoted to "passenger 45 minutes". Amtrak moved its 6pm train to 7:30ish so they can slip in another run to Portland. This 6pm Amtrak was critical to passenger hour. It was the capstone to the 4 passenger trains that visited the little town of Edmonds between 5 and 6pm. She will be missed. With all the trains though, and dinner ready at home, time to head home!

Its good to be back railfanning on my home rails. I feel rusty though, its been a while. On the bright side, you guys get to look forward my new Stevens Pass adventures this summer. Also UP 844 and SP 4449 are going to steam though Edmonds this coming weekend and Im quite pumped. Its been hard to find a good spot to shoot them from (so many choices). But for now, I'm in Chicago, and thanks to Joel Hinkhouse and Nate Beal, I've got plenty of places to go and lots of trains to see. And PLENTY of Metra shots for you guys to look forward to. Peace
~Mike Bjork

UP's new slogan for Amtrak:
"We'll help you spread you wings and fly right into a siding!"

TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS!!! May the fun never end!
I'm a traitor! Im on JP.net! But all my plane shots involve trains!


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Nice shots so far, I just got done with my second year of college, Now we have ample time to shoot woohoo!! Planning on going on a short trip on thursday myself the weather is going to be perfect, going to be fun.
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I'm almost done with my first year of college and will be working a job that only lets me work 30 hours a week (at least I get paid well), so I'm planning on spending a lot of free time near the rails. Hopefully I'll be able to make up for all the time I lost over the year.
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Great report Mike.Its really agreat trip and i hope that i can make one like tht one day.Im in the 3rd year Civil in the faculty of engineering and im just finished the exams from 4 days and waiting the result
Thanks alot for sharing your great report and keep up the great work.
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