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Default Ben's Bridge, Selkirk Yard.....

I hope this subject hasn't been covered as I did a quick search to see if any thread had brought this up and hopefully this isn't redundant. I went out to Selkirk area yesterday to photograph trains and on my way home decided to check out the action in the yard and headed towards Ben's Bridge and was surprised to see it blocked by several dump truck piles of soil and signs saying it was closed!!

My question for anyone in the know, is this a permanent move by CSX to maybe avoid possible security issues or maybe up keep on the bridge? If anyone could fill in the blanks as to why it is closed that would be appreciated. It would be a shame to lose such a good vantage point to just take in the train action.

TIA for any help, Rich Clark
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Is the bridge owned by the CSX, if so then they might close it,other wise they might be giving the old security reasons after Sept. 11. A lot of railroads don't want to much rail fanning for fear of terrorist attacks against rail roads. I have a bridge out by me that over looks a small UP rail yard and they don't really say anything much but the local police check you out to see what you might be doing.
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Default Ben's Bridge

The bridge was closed late last summer do it its deteriating condition. Here's an article about it. Hope this helps.

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With the bridge closed, are there any other good spots in the area to railfan from, or can you still get close enough to the actual bridge to get some pics?
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At once point after it was closed, it was still open to pedestrians. Try googling it or checking it out on railroad.net
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