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Default Holiday railfanning plans?

Who's taking time off between X-mas and New Years and spending most of it with a camera pointed in the general direction of a train? Where you headed?

Got some time off, myself, and surfing Travelocity getting ideas....

I might hang in the NE - maybe head South to Roanoke, VA but I saw some cheap packages tonight to Renoland (AKA Donner Pass).

Anyone have a railroad vacation planned?

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No money, or time, for this year, I'm afraid. Already blown this year's budget, in a very big way! Heh. No real railfanning until the first week of the new year. As for locations, they're going to have to be local. One area may be Peak Forest.
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we're making the annual pilgrimage back to pittsburgh, pa to visit family.

i wasn't into rail fanning when we lived there. i have been thinking of a few places from my old stomping grounds that i'd like to photograph, now that i have that affliction.

also, if time permits, there's a hobby shop in town that requires my presence. i have to go present my annual offering.

hope that y'all have a nice christmas, no matter where it finds you.
best regards,

jeffrey fusaro
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Christopher Muller
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I'm going to try and get out over the holiday, but I don't know what my schedcule is yet. I resigned from my job with the Leech Lake Police and took a job as full-time communications officer for Beltrami County Sheriff's Department... I start tomorrow. Since I had to start on their new pay schedule, I am just finishing my last of ten days off today. I made it to the tracks west of Detroit Lakes two times for two days in this time. Had some good results, but also had some really slow times.

On a side note, I'm in far northern Minnesota, about 90 miles south of the Canadian border, this is the first time in my life that I remember not having atleast 6 inches of snow on the ground at one point this time of year.

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Good question!

Nothing interesting for me, mostly becasue my dad and I are re-building our basement HO scale model RR, and that will take up lots of time over the holiday.

But, my dad and I do plan to hit up some of our favorite spots in Chicago, maybe take a day to hit southern Wisconsin.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season!
Chris G

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Im planning on heading over to Western Wisconsin to catch some WC action before its all gone, and to catch the A406 coming over the Saint Croix Highbridge.

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