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Default Unexposed

How can I fix an underexposed picture the engine itself wasn't in perfect condition the colors were fading. This is my picture:

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You could adjust gamma, or fiddle with levels and brighten it a bit. I can't see it getting accepted on RP because of it though. The composition as it stands is awkward, and the ties are a scene killer.

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Cloudy day/common power, obstructing foreground objects. Save this one for your personal collection. As far as fixing the underexposed, just brighten the image.
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There's a decent shot in there somewhere if it weren't for the cloudy weather, the ties obstructing the CSX motor, the framing and composition in regards to the trolley and the underexposure. Keep shooting and keep striving to get better. But just to note, the "condition" of the CSX engine has nothing to do with underexposure. Also, look up CSX reporting marks before you upload a CSX shot next time.
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