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Default Coal dying a slow death on the RJ Corman PA Lines?

Amfire's coal loadout in Clymer, PA closed on 7/31/14, even though they are seeking a buyer. I doubt prospects for that are very good in the current climate.

I have also been informed the coal shuttle running between Cherry Tree and Bigler, PA is no longer operating.

This leaves no present traffic on the RJCP west of Mahaffey, PA. This is roughly 50 route miles now void of traffic, including the impressive loop at Fleming Summit, PA.

I made a trip to Cherry Tree on October 21, 2014 expecting to chase the coal shuttle, which did not run. In a very fortunately twist events, Clymer was loading, and that equates to two eastbound loads from Clymer, because they split the 100 car train into two parts to safely negotiate the loop at Fleming.

Here is one of my shots from that day. I hate to see more American jobs lost, and it is a sobering thought trains passing this location may be a distant memory:
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