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Default About buying HO models .

Hi , I am new to model railroad , I am not rich enough to buy the expensive one . A simple question I would like to ask is that are there any trucks and wheels in the Atheran KIT rolling stocks ? I found that the product in the perview photo does not contain any trucks and wheels . For example , this one http://www.athearn.com/Products/Defa...ProdID=ATH5315 . Thanks for your answering .

The other question is that most of the model locomotives do not have snowplow and air-hoses . Where can I buy these things ?

Thank you .
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Sou 4610
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You can check out e-bay they have good deals on rolling stock and locomotives. Thats where I get all of my stuff from. Most athearn RTR kits come ready to run with wheels.

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Athearn Kits, commonly known as "Blue Box" (because of the blue boxes that they come in) are known to have very poor quality trains. This is because they were introuduced way before the new era of RTR (Ready-to-Run) was available. The details like steps and grabs are oversized to prevent them from breaking off. The kit includes plastic trucks and plastic wheels. With Athearn RTR, your model comes fully assembled and includes fine detail and metal wheels. Additionaly, according to Athearn's website, you can get an identical RTR BNSF hopper for only about $6 more.

As far as locomotives go, depending on your price range will limit you on what you can buy. Athearn RTR has a nice line of locomotives that are fully assembled. "Blue Box", or the Athearn kit locomotives have to be assembled. If you get an Athearn RTR AC4400CW, Dash 9-44CW, or an "SD" locomotive, a snowplow comes standard. Most of the "GP" locomotives do not have snowplows, but you can purchase detail parts such as a snowplow and air hoses from Details West.

Air Hose- http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/235-267
M.U. Hoses- http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/235-266
Snow Plow- http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/235-180
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Athearn blue box kits are great for "filler" on big, long trains. They look just fine next to highly detailed kits, like Proto 2000 hoppers, but my blue boxes usually spend a lot of time in the yard. Athearn is a great brand. RTR locos are great, but they're pricey. Most are at least $100, and for an extra $50, you can get a Genesis series, which have better motors, gears, wheels, and details. But its hard to beat the detail of the RTR SD45T series, theyre spectacular!

Genesis SD70MAC: http://www.athearn.com/Products/Defa...rodID=ATHG6483
RTR SD45T: http://www.athearn.com/Products/Defa...rodID=ATH94154
Athearn really has some great locos.

Detail kits really kick up the realism a notch, but be prepared to spend ~$20 per loco even for some of the basics. However, its amazing how much better that locos look w/ just a plow and hoses and is worth it.
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First of all , thanks for the detail informations . As Atheran does not ship their products to Hong Kong , it is very expensive to buy a US model in Hong Kong , as long as the parts of the models , so I need to get more information about buying a US model .

Here is what I do to a Athearn KIT SD40T-2 .
I bought this in Hong Kong with only $30 .
Patched this , move the horns to the middle of the locomotive ,
paper-made window shades , snowplow and some hoses .

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