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Default Nikon Lense Recommendations

I just recently bought the Nikon D40, and have been using some Manual Focus lenses with it. I am looking to buy a good AF lense with it, and am looking for some recommendations. What does everyone here use, or suggest. My price range is pretty open right now. Thank you.
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If you have the cash, a good all in one lens would be the Nikon 18-200MM VR. It has a 35mm range of 28-300, Vibration Reduction and all sorts of fancy features. Its about $799

Another cheaper lens is the Nikon 18-135mm. Same build quality as a Nikon 18-70mm, but longer range. No vibration reduction, but as-good picture quality. $299 at B&H.

Good Telephoto Lenses:

Nikon 70-200MM VR ED F2.8 $1,700
Nikon 70-300MM VR ED F4.5-5.6 $500
Nikon 70-300MM Non-VR F4.5-5.6 $100

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one thing to remember with the D40 is that you need to get a lens with the built-in motor which is AF-S type lens because the D40 does not have a motor built into the camera body like the D80 or D200, which was left out in the D40 to save weight and make it smaller.
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