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Default Poor image quality

Hi, this is my first post here on the discussion boards. I've been visiting this site for almost a year now, and occasionally uploading pictures. So far I only have one photo accepted into the database, but I've learned a lot from the rejections that I've had. However, with this rejection, I was wondering if it's possible to fix it:


It was rejected for unlevel horizon, but although it appears to be, the train is actually leaning into a curve. Notice the small sign to the left of the second locomotive, which if anything is actually leaning a bit to the left. The second reason, poor image quality, is the one that I have a question about. Is this more likely a camera problem (I used a digital camera, which probably doesn't help) or a photo software problem? And if it is a software problem, is it something that can be corrected, or should I just let it go and hope for a better shot next time?

Thanks a lot for the help!
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Are you sure this curve is super-elevated? It doesn't look like a curve on a high speed track that would get such treatment. Unlike bicycles, trains only lean into curves if what they are sitting on is not level. At any rate, if you think it is correct, you can state your case in your comments to the screener.

As for the bad quality, the power lines have jaggies. There are also some faint vertical squiggles right above the left numberboard, perhaps the ends of branches on a tall but dead tree. The side of the ex-CN unit looks terrible, although that appears to me to be fading paint rather than bad image quality. The image looks like it could stand some sharpening.

But in general, I think the problem is the general blurriness of the left side. It looks like shallow depth of field, really, as the right side vegetation, which is closer, looks fine.

Oh, just noticed, the sky is bad, pixellated/blotchy in the blue areas. That is as much a problem as anything else.

As for camera, when you say you used a "digital camera" do you mean you used a digicam instead of a DSLR? And did you shoot on automatic settings?

Hard to tell whether this is software or camera without seeing the original file.
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This is the original image, scaled down somewhat but otherwise unchanged:


I see what you mean by the power lines and the blurry left side; I'm going to try sharpening it using a different program. And as for the side of the 9426, it's just a very badly faded paint job.

I used a 5.1 MP HP Photosmart digital camera, which I know is hardly a professional-quality camera, but it's the best that I've got. I used the highest resolution setting, and used automatic settings.
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