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Default Saving old images by scanning and Photoshop

The following image:


is a good illustration of how the digital age has enhanced the world of imaging because of the ability to "save" otherwise wasted images/transparencies. We've all heard about the ability to "save" color shifted images in P/S and seen the amazing results but there is another way in which scanning and P/S can work wonders--by the ability to crop and save a part of a transparency that is otherwise "OK" but maybe it was the last shot on a roll of film and only exposed on the left half of the transparency--a for sure "wastebasket" slide in most any collection. In the case of this picture, the photographer, John Dziobko, captured the nose of a BM E7A at North Station in 1952, but the entire body of the locomotive was not captured because it was shot number 25 or 37 and the right side of the slide was vacant other than the lab stamp. Unusable? Not with Photoshop.

I simply scanned the slide like usual, saved the TIFF hi res, and then converted to JPEG at the largest dimension before editing in P/S. Then, because only the nose of the locomotive was actually photographed, I made a verticle of the nose (instead of the roster of the locomotive, as John shot it way back) before uploading. I think the result works, and we are all able to "see" something that otherwise would have never made the light of day! I attached a copy of the scanned slide so you can see the "before".

Did you save all those slides where there may have been, say, a light leak on part of the image but the other half was OK? You may have made a wise choice hanging on to those images in your "seconds" file!

Ray Peacock
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Well fine, and I'm all for digital, but in this case I don't see anything special going on because of digital. Part of the horizontal shot was bad, and you cropped it into a vertical. One can do the same when printing. You could easily get a cropped print made from the slide.

I tend to hang on to ALL of my shots; thanks goodness for large boxes and capacious hard drives!
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