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Default Would like your opinions....


I'm fairly new here and I just got my 1st photo posted(!)


However, the 1st time I submitted it, it was rejected for being under exposed. I don't have a problem with the screeners wanting it exposed more and it was no big deal to play with it in Photoshop, but I think the original submission that was rejected was better. Being less exposed really brought out the contrast in the lighting in the station roof & made the background trains blend more, while keeping the foreground train still clear. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear some opinions of those who know better than me...

The rejected photo, which I like better:



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I've faced that situation. What makes it particularly hard to me is that, if I am working the picture, say, a few weeks later, it is hard to judge what level of brightness is the most correctly representational, when the difference is subtle.

I think that the "corrected" photo is more pleasing to the eye, but I suspect the original is a more accurate representation of reality, based on some (very old!) recollections of the insides of such terminals.

Oh, and congrats, and welcome!
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I noticed the same thing with a shot I had rejected then approved today. The approved one was much darker than the original and the way it actually was. Do I have a problem with that? Hmm, not sure right now.

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Dave, on yours I like the accepted/darker one better, myself. The sky looks less washed out & the clouds have more definition. On mine, the darker one represented more of what my eye saw. The stark contrast between the middle of the roof truss and the lit edges was dramatic to me, and what made me want to take the picture. Alas, the screeners did not agree.
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