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Default Another overexposed?

I got this one rejected for overexposure:


It was difficult lighting, with the setting sun, the loco in the shade and the warm light in the background. I think I balanced it nicely. The highlights are not blown (according the histogram) and all detail is preserved.

A lot of other people seem to be getting overexposure rejects lately too. Maybe someone has their monitor adjusted wrong?

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it's not totally blown out, but the half lit - half shadow lighting isn't compliementing the scene.

Poor lighting may have been a more suitable rejection choice for this one, since it doesn't appear to be completely over exposed (the whites in the upper half are, though).

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I don't see it getting on. We can argue about the definition of overexposed in thhis case, but that's what it looks like to me. Since the head of the train was in shadows, it should be darker than it is, but you tried to bring it up in levels and blew it out. Then there's the part of the shot in direct sun which is overexposed.
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It may be possible to do something with the shot if you bring up only the dark parts through selective brightening, so as to avoid overexposing the background. Making a change in brightness to the entire image won't cut it.
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