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Default The Images & Trains Project

Good evening !

I hope this is the right place to put this. If not, I apologize.

I'm trying to do "unusual" railroad pictures (AKA "artsy"). I shared some with you on the Photography Forum (black & white tests for example). With a friend from Sweden, we did a Project named Images & Trains to promote this kind of photography.
The project had up and downs and lately (last may) we redesign the website. A good part of it is now available in English. So if you want to have a look, you're welcome. Any comments are welcome too.


Images & Trains Project editor


[Images & Trains Project]

Visit the 2.0 version website at http://www.images-trains.net !

= What is new ?

* The PDF magazine had some extra informations about the different
chapters that were not easy to find on the previous website. Now, it
is easier. Have a look at
http://www.images-trains.net/beta/vol01_EN.php to find it out.

* The Exhibition Center is a new space. You will find here many
different ways to show railroad photography : galleries of course but
also photo-essays, slideshows... In a close future, it will be updated
on a regular basis. Take your time and discover this at

= The forum is now available in English too !

The forum is a creative space where anyone can discover New
Perspectives on Railway Photography. To make this forum available for
non french readers, contributors and staff memebers are updating their
messages with a short English text that explains the picture/the text.
To be sure that an english translation is available, check for
messages beginning with a * in their titles.

I especially invite you to discover the section dedicated to Black &
White contemporary railroad photography

You don't need to subscribe to the forum to read it. But if you want
to answer or contribute, you'll need to do it. Feel free to answer in
english, our staff members will add a short translation to it for our
french contributors.

= More to come !

* During this summer, the remaining sections will be translated. I
will let you know about this with the Newsletter.

* A deeper update is scheduled in September (mostly on the "Exhibition
Center" page)

* PDF Magazine vol 2 is scheduled for the end of this year
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Default More than 100 pictures available!

[The Images & Trains Project]
September 04, 2008 update

Good day!

The I&T website knew a deep update a few days ago. We now offer more pictures (more than 100).

Desert Railroading is one of the black & white picture on this new section.

A refurbished Exhibition Center

The section that illustrates our vision of Railroad Photography is the main purpose of this update. There are now more than 100 pictures from a dozen of photographers available.

We also introduce two new themes :

- Black & White is a collection of pictures that illustrates this way of doing Photography from digital cameras. This art is still (and well) alive and is a modern way to do Contemporary Railroad Photography.

- People and Trains shows a unique collection of pictures of the people that makes the railway machine alive.

The way to watch the pictures has changed and you can now appreciate them more easily.

Unfortunately, the section about Photo-Essays is not available yet.

A fully translated website

Our english readers can now discover the entire website.

The last two are now available :

- a selection of books and websites to improve your creativity and your vision of Railroad Photography

- the introduction to the I&T Project : our tools and our goals

So don't wait anymore and discover this update at


Editor and webmaster

In exclusivity for this update
François ILIOVICI shares one photo-essay about a day of a Swedish train driver at
Discover my website The Passing Trains, about Railroad Photography: http://kimandrenaud.com/renaud/en/
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Good Day,

October's update is a new Temporary Exhibition on the Images & Trains Project website. Here are some words from the photographer :

"I did this slideshow after a recent trip to the Belgium capital, a place where my life changed deeply. The subject is a walk over and under Brussells, in the middle of a storm where human beings stay beside each other but without looking at each other. Some are in a hurry - I was like this five years ago - and others find a warm place to live or rest. I tried to fix these lifes and those hypothetic meetings with my camera." François ILIOVICI.

You can discover this work here :

You will find more pictures about this work in the Main Gallery and the People & Trains areas.

Have fun !

Discover my website The Passing Trains, about Railroad Photography: http://kimandrenaud.com/renaud/en/
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