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Default CSX 2008 Calendar: How NOT to Photoshop

A friend at CSX gave me a copy of the company's 2008 calendar. I leafed through and was pleasantly surprised to see that the calendar was comprised entirely of photos posted on Congratulations are due for the photographers whose work was featured in this publication.

However, it didn't take long to notice that CSX had performed some sort of botched abortion on more than half of the photos. In all cases, the photoshopping involved "repainting" locomotives into the newest CSX paint scheme. Working in marketing and communications myself, I know the importance of "corporate branding," but I found this to be a bit on the extreme side. In cases where there was significant alteration to the calendar images, I've scanned and posted the calendar version. Take a look for yourselves:

Image © Mike Schaller
PhotoID: 134034
Photograph © Mike Schaller

Image © Trainmasterrob
PhotoID: 181050
Photograph © Trainmasterrob

Image © Dave Kerr
PhotoID: 138889
Photograph © Dave Kerr

Image © Ross M.
PhotoID: 148433
Photograph © Ross M.

Image © Arthur James
PhotoID: 143202
Photograph © Arthur James

Image © Gary Knapp
PhotoID: 158408
Photograph © Gary Knapp

Image © Brian Wiggins
PhotoID: 190451
Photograph © Brian Wiggins

Image © George W. Hamlin
PhotoID: 192500
Photograph © George W. Hamlin

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