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Default Darn this cropping!

As of late every rejection is getting hit for cropping. Out of 30 plus rejections, these are the latest....any ideas?

I'd rather not lose the water tower, as RP would probably hate on me more for cutting it off to lose some top.

As for the overexposed.....snow is white not gray, don't know what their talking about. If they want gray snow, fine I'll knock the exposure down to make this the "best".

Too centered?

No clue what they want

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I like number one. I am not sure about 2, I like the exposure but I am sure someone else can help you better there, it may be a little overexposed. I think on number 3 the train is too small in relation to all the dead space above and below it. Number 4 would most likely be too much dead space on the left.
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2: that switchstand right on the left edge is doing you no favors

3: that bit of road slicing off the lower left corner, coming from nowhere, no. Too bad, I really like the shot otherwise.

4: you have a big, empty, very bright mass of plain white dominating the foreground. And a split tree on the right, and a fragment of concrete on the left.
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Hi Ben,

1st one: Could lose a hair off the bottom without any major consequence. Otherwise, I'm not clear where to go either.

2nd one: There are some spots that appear to be blown on the snow ridges that face the sun. It doesn't look bad on this monitor. Check your histogram for clipping. Both PSE and Lightroom have clip warnings. In the case of Lightroom, you can position your cursor on the warning "light" and it will highlight the clipped areas in the image itself. A pinch of highlights should fix the problem. Edit: Just saw J's response and agree on the cut-off switch stand. I was looking for exposure issues initially.

3rd one: I'd lose some off the bottom. Cut off enough to get rid of that piece of roadway. It adds nothing to the scene and probably catches the wandering eyes of viewers who are easily distracted.

4th one: Lots of featureless bottom on this one that is just begging to be cropped off.

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Number 2 looks good on my monitor, but those switch stands are bothering me.

Number 1 def has the look of a winter day.
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I think number 1 stands the best chance and could use a little off the bottom and a little off the left.

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#1 and 2, I think if you wanted to keep the water tower and switch, vertical probably would have worked better for both.

#3 looks soft, almost blurry to me, plus the front trucks are partially obscured by something.

#4, just like eveyrone else said, lots of dead space to the left.
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