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#1 has too much sky, I think

#2 and #3 need more contrast... and #3 does look a bit overexposed to me.
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They all have a blown out sky issue going on.

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Well, I had a cogent, well articulated reply, but the internet monster ate it. So there's no gurantees on this one. First, a general over view. Someting isn't right with these shots. You were at or around f8 at ISO 100 using a Canon 50D, but the image quality is suspect. It may be something in post, but it seems something wasn't right when you clicked the shutter.

1.) The cropping isn't that bad in this one. I could see some off the top as suggested above me. I would have liked to see more of the track trailing off in the distance behind the train.

2.) The Bad Contrast in these next two go to what I was speaking about in the first shot. They all need more contrast and more pop to the color. The cropping is clearly worse here than in the other shot and I'm surprised they didn't mention it. I attached how I would crop it. It suffers more from placement of the train than anything. I would have let the train come closer to you before clicking away.

3.) I don't like the composition here as much as the one above. Since the train appears to be on the same bridge at the same location, I'd let it go and concentrate more on #2.
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Those are all valid rejections. I would have thrown "overexposed" into the mix for #2 and #3, and unlevel on #1.
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