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Default they don't like us in mexico, either...

last week, i was in toluca, mexico for yet another business meeting. toluca is about two hours west of mexico city.

after the meeting, i bought a city map and made my way toward the nearest set of train tracks hoping to find some FERROMEX locos to photo.

i found the tracks, and an old, abandoned platform to photograph from. there was a switcher working the yard and some other TFM equipment scattered about. nothing terribly interesting happening, but enjoyable, all the same.

the tracks were on the edge of a neighborhood, so there was an amazing amount of pedestrian (and canine) traffic crossing the tracks while the trains were moving about.

i was a little nervous standing there with my digital camera in hand, but no one bothered me. almost...

i was about done taking pictures and getting ready to head back to my car, when i heard someone say something (in spanish) behind me. i turned and noticed a young fellow (20-ish) walking toward me.

an adrenaline rush kicked in as he got closer. i thought that he was going ask for money or worse... go for my camera.

he repeated his statement, "tienes una permitta para photographia?"

i understand enough spanish to gey by - he was asking me if i had a permit to photograph the trains!


i gave him my best "dumb look" and acted like i did not understand what he was asking me.

he repeated his question.

another dumb look.

i was hoping that if i acted dumb enough, he would just walk away, or tell me to leave.

instead he pulled a walkie-talkie out of his jacket pocket and started communicating with someone.


adrenaline goes into overdrive, at this point!

i am imagining that he is calling in the reinforcements (the federales), and i am about to disappear into some mexican jail - never to be heard from again.

he motions for me to walk with him.

i play dumb again, but reluctantly begin to walk with him.

for one very brief moment, i contemplate making a run for my rental car that is parked across the street.

then i imagine myself getting tackled in the middle of street and making a bad situation even worse.

wisdom DOES come with old(er) age.

so, i follow barney fife to wherever we are going.

we walk to the end of the platform. i am expecting to see the local police office.

luckliy, it is just a small railroad office.

barney motions for me to enter.

once inside, i notice a young kid - even younger than barney - sitting behind a desk (if this kid wasn't still in high school, i'll eat my camera!).

i am very relieved to see that he is not wearing a uniform or a badge - and no gun!

he asks me (in spanish) why i am taking pictures of the trains.

again, the dumb look repsonse, on my part.

i tell him that i don't speak spanish (in english).

surprised, he says, "no spanish?"

i say, "no spanish", while trying to remember NOT to speak spanish to him.

he waves his finger and says, "NO PHOTOGRAPHIA!"

i act like i finally realize what they are talking about. i motion that i will leave.

luckily, that is all that they want me to do.

i just wish that barney would have told me to "vamoos" in the first place.

anyway... i did manage to get some photos... just nothing worthy to post.

just another day in mexico...
best regards,

jeffrey fusaro
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Probably hoping for a bribe. Man, and I thought the US police would be scray to deal with! At least I understand the language they speak.

Get any good shots?
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I would be scared if I was in that situation... then again I don't think I would be in Mexico anytime soon.
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Suspenceful story! Can you show us the photos, if you want? I am very curious!
Chris G

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since all of you who read my story have asked for some photos... here they are.

as i mentioned in the story, they are not worth submitting for review, since the lighting is bad.

i love to make photos in mexico. the scenery, the people and the culture are awesome! most importantly, the weather and lighting are usually phenominal.

sometimes, on days like this, the lighting can be troublesome, even if it is spectacluar. while i was making these images, a beautiful late afternoon/early evening sun was over my left shoulder, and there were huge white clouds in the distance, beyond the trains. the problem was, trying to properly expose the trains, while managing the sunshine reflecting off the white clouds in the background. i ended up exposing for the train details, since they were in partial shadow. in return, the clouds got totally wiped out by the over exposure.

moving to the other side of the tracks was not an option, since there was a lot of track side equipment and other railroad property that i did not want to trespass on.

of course, i was already trespassing by standing on the old platform where i took the pictures from. and, that's what got me into trouble, in the first place

is there such a thing as "a little trespassing"?

i hope you enjoy the photos.
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best regards,

jeffrey fusaro
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Nice shots Jeffrey.I like the paint of loco that written TFM on it its like kansas city Southern paint.Do you know what TFM meaning?
bnsf-born 2 fight
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(if you like an idea,thought alot in it and worked hard for it.you will get it)
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