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Most of you already are aware of Union Pacifics Heritage series going on, i just wanted to start this thread to hear some opinions about this. I seriously doubt anybody will have any negitive feelings on these units, in my opinion Union Pacific is doing a good thing by releasing these units, meaning they are releasing these units for railfans, at least it seems. I love the paint, it looks a little funky on the ACE unit but it is no doubt cool. You got to hand it to Union Pacific, they may not know much about keeping trains running but they havent messed up a paint scheme yet, every paint scheme UP comes up with has been well thought out, unlike some other railroad i know!. Now if they could just keep there units clean!

I also heard that there are more units in the heritage series, C&NW and Southern Pacific are on the way and i belive the 5th unit is still in question, mabey Cotton Belt. Any one have any info on this?

Image © Tom McNair
PhotoID: 114043
Photograph © Tom McNair

Image © Tom McNair
PhotoID: 114042
Photograph © Tom McNair

Image © Tom McNair
PhotoID: 114041
Photograph © Tom McNair

Image © Kevin Larson
PhotoID: 113992
Photograph © Kevin Larson

Image © Kevin Larson
PhotoID: 113991
Photograph © Kevin Larson

Image © Bruce D Barrett
PhotoID: 113990
Photograph © Bruce D Barrett

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