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Default "The BEST railroad photos on the 'net!"

Joe LeMay

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Chris Kilroy
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Indeed, everyone with photos in the database here should give themselves a pat on the back! This website has become the place for quality online railroad photos, all in just a little over two years.

That is a remarkable feat, and a true testament to the talent of the folks who contribute their photos here.

I find myself every day looking back through the older Photos of the Week, or the Editor's Picks section, or Screener's Choice, or just viewing the photos added over the last day, and I am constantly awed by the amount of unique, superb quality photos I see on a daily basis.

After browsing the site for several hours about a week ago, and having recently viewed some of the other railroad "photography" sites out there, I felt confident enough to adopt this new slogan.

The standard of consistent quality here has won this site many accolades, and made it a respected name in the world of railroad photography, even commercially. It has even ruffled a few feathers (I hear there is an anti-RP.net group out there!). You know you're doing something right when you've received enough notariety and publicity to have an official group of 'haters.'

As always, I thank each and every contributor for making this site into what it's become! We should all be proud!
Chris Kilroy
Editor, RailPictures.Net
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I've looked at the other sites as well, and agree
with Chris' assessment that this is the best
rail photography site around.

Unfortunately, some folks prefer to complain
when an image is rejected rather than learn the art and
science of photography. If contributors submited their best
pictures only, there would be less frustration and the
screeners, who do this part time and have lives and
jobs like the rest of us, would have an easier and
I daresay more pleasant experience reviewing the

Dave Kerr
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Chris Starnes
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Amen Dave......I wish people would only take notice of what you have suggested
Chris Starnes
Co-Editor, RailPictures.net
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I agree. I have 245 pics up here, and believe me, I've had many more than 245 rejections. This site has helped me tremendously, because rather than cussing about a rejection, I learn from it, every time. OK, there is some cussing, but I quickly get over it. Sometimes the rejections are for reasons you can't fix, so you try to avoid the problem next time. Sometimes the reasons are fixable in photoshop or some other editing program.

It's funny to hear there is a site out there against railpictures.net. I'll have to check that out for a good laugh. Just like was said above, some people would rather bitch than learn, but it's not that difficult.

I believe this site is the best, and I am proud to have my pictures on the site, because it says that they have passed a test and are a cut above the ordinary.

Thanks to you guys who run the show here. Great job indeed.

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I have to agree with a few comments made. This IS the best site on the web, and I AM GUILTY of throwing tantrums when my pictures were rejected and thought they should have been accepted. I have since just let the rejections go on by, sometimes I'll ask for a little better reason, but mostly now let it go. My only wish is that the rejection reasons were just a little clearer, instead of just saying bad cropping, please let us know so we don't repeat the same mistake. Other than that these guys do a great job, and are forgiving .

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Dave Brook
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Default Wishing for more feedback

My only wish is that the editors could give a bit more feedback with their rejections. The following picture was rejected for bad cropping. A touch of editing and it was rejected for being underexposed. A touch more editing and it was rejected same reason. The admin line was blank. I don't want to waste the editors time, and admit that I have submitted for post several pictures that were in hindsight crap. Some I thought were different and wanted a second opinion. Any additional insight into what the editors view as problems would be most appreciated.



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I have found that "lead" space or area in front of the train is a tricky crop. This picture can handle a close crop towards the front of the lead unit.

If this is a large digital photo, cut the width first. Bringing it to 1024 first will allow more of the foreground to be cropped out, and keep it close to 768 high. Don't forget about the 800x600 size.
Aaron Florin- Click Here to view my photos at RailPictures.Net!
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Don't do anything you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics!
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It's just like Purnell's Sausage.

"It's Gooo-od!"

I don't have a lot of photos by no means, but I am amazed at all the great photos on here. I enjoy going through them daily to see what all is happening outside of Kentucky.

Brian Gregg
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Pat Lorenz
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I just wanted to say how great this site is. Mostly all the photos on here are very good, and i love looking at each and every shot. I like the set up of this site and information is accurate. Really from all the daily photos i can find out what is going on around the US with this site, i can see new loco deliverys, obscure operations and rolling stock, very unique works of RR art, just plain great photos and everything in between. I have 78 photos and probably double that in rejections, i used to get really mad about a rejection, but now i stay cool and just put in a better effort next time (most of the time my rejections are not because of a bad picture, i just struggle in photo shop and scanning), i also learn alot because uploading allows somedbody else to judge my work. I have met so many people through RP's and enjoy reading photo comments on my pic's. This is the best site for railroad photography, other sites have bad photos, poor organization and unless you were from the area of the picture you wouldnt know what there talking about. But that is way different on railpictures. I find myself visiting this site about 20 times per day or more. I love the new forums, screener choice and the 2 pictures on the right hand side. Really nice job.
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You couldnt have said it any better! Definetly the best site out there!

PS- Chris Starnes could you check your Private Mail when you get a chance. Thanks!
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