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Default Night Photos = Bad Color

My night photos shot in available light are regularly rejected for bad color. I would recommend any advice/comments.

As for the technical info, I am using a Sony A700. The photos are made using a custom WB that is metered off of the engine. The photos are processed in Elements with minimal adjustments (sizing, sharpening, leveling). No changes were made to this photo other then the adjustments listed above.

I thought the photo looked ok with the exception of the sky which may be a little pixelated. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on what this photo needs to improve the color depth or saturation.


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The shot appears to have a green tint to it. I'd reduce the green, and boost saturation a little bit.

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The lighting looks very flat to me. The issue may be more a matter of "roster shot with flat lighting" than color per see. Technically it seems to me you did about as well as you could with what you had to work with from that vantage point, but the lighting doesn't offer much in the way of highlights and shadows that would make the image more interesting. Had you moved to either the right or left it might have made the lighting more interesting.
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This is a simple matter of correcting the White balance if you shoot in RAW mode, if it is a .JPG an "Auto Color" correction in the Levels adjustment in Photoshop will also do the trick, but not as good as a White Balance adjustment during RAW conversion. PS- I have enjoyed your posted photos BurghMan.
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