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Originally Posted by John Ryan
So, Mr. Ditch, when you're at the Cosi in Hinsdale, do you bring your laptop and log on to their free wi-fi so that you can work your stint as a Secret Screener for Railpictures?
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggghhhhhht........quite obviously I'm missing something here...

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I have done two 24-hour sessions... Well, the first one was 36 hours but I changed locations 3 times.

The most recent one was at Stockton Diamonds, CA, we saw 104 trains in 24 hours and 4 minutes. Also, heard 14 gunshots and counted 18 cops driving by in the middle of the night.

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Originally Posted by John Ryan
No one bothered me because I dressed like I belonged there. I didn't show up in some greasy, rumply XXX-Large T-Shirt with a Wabash F-Unit on it. I think that might attract attention. I also moved around on about 4000 feet of railroad, so it wasn't like I was parking some lawn chair on the tracks. I didn't have a scanner blasting away at full volume, as that too would attract attention. I also didn't do that alarming railfan behavior where you start spinning like a top and waving your arms around when you see a headlight.

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Andrew, I live in Michigan. Once in a while I'll do 24 hours at Durand. Canadian National runs many trains at night thru Durand. Between trains I'll catch a few zzzzzzzzz in my car. You have to look at the location you want to go i.e., is it safe to be here all night. I've been to parts of Detroit that are scary enough during the day, let alone stay there at night, Delray Junction. Good Luck.
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In the past, the gang would do a 24 hour stint at places such as Bayview, Silver Creek NY, Deschler O, Paw Paw WV and Horseshoe Curve. All were quiet isolated areas. The occasional visit from the RR Police was a pleasant diversion and they'd have a coffee or pop with us. When it comes to logging trains, our group would include all unit numbers, train id, all car types and lengths and total cars with estimated footage based on a calculation formula.
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