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Default Thinking about Mitch's caption

Reading Mitch's caption on his UP E9 shot reminded me of a time I took the kids and the wife railfanning. We had gone to Hamlet, NC and had a decent time of it. On our way home, we ran into a train heading from Monroe toward Hamlet. We didn't see the power and did a U-turn to give chase. At the nearest grade crossing, we pulled to the side of the road to wait and see if we needed to give chase to the next best photo spot. So I asked the kids, "What kind of engine do you want to see?"

And my son replied, "I want to see a red and silver one."

Sure enough, an old warbonnet was leading. So I chased down and got a shot of it. And I thought, the boy is good. So we headed back in the direction of home and I asked, "OK, Michael, what kind of engine do you hope to see next?"

And he said... "Norfolk Southern."

And I said, "Rio Grande?"

And he said, "No, Norfolk Southern."

The next train we saw? CSX power.

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This one might be at the other end of the spectrum from your story Joe.

I took my wife railfanning. Once. We were on vacation in Kentucky to visit her family. I told her if i have to spend time with them, that i wanted time to go out and take pictures. She agreed and she said she wanted to go with me to see what i did when i went railfanning. We drove 8 hours the night before to get to the hotel, got in at 1am, and back up at 8am to head to LaGrange, about an hour from where we were staying. We got there and of course, she wants to shop. I told her go, ill be waiting here. after an hour she comes back, and the questions start.

When's a train coming?
How much longer are we gonna stay?
Why did you want to come HERE?
Can we go soon?
Why is this fun?
Cant you see trains at home?

After catching a few trains, we left. I could have stayed all day, but if i would have done that, i could have guaranteed myself a looooong walk home. and my belongings outside the house when i got there. lol.
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