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Default Heat Distortion

Of course, each time one uploads a photo, one can almost always expect a bad cropping, or any of the other normal rejections. However, I received a rejection that I wasn't expecting: heat distortion. I really would like help on how to find heat distortion (I don't even see it), correct it, and how to prevent in the future. Thanks!

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In regards to the rejected picture; there is something funky going on there, might just be blurry/poor image quality and not heat distortion. In any, the rejection is valid. It looks like the number boards are warped or something, so on a quick screening glance they might have confused that for HD.

As for correcting and/or preventing heat distortion, there really isn't much you can outside of not shooting distant subjects when the condition exist.
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Yep, number boards are borked...
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rejection heat distortion

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