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Default Two Weeks on the Road - Part II

I routed my trip so that I could visit the terminal at Shenandoah, Virginia. There was a train waiting for a crew on the mainline, and a yard crew working in the yard, but the angle was bad for photos. I did enjoy watching the yard crew, and I found a "hot spot" for my wireless internet connection so that I could run ATCS and check for traffic.

I saw a northbound approaching on my laptop, so I headed south to get to a photo location in Elkton. The light favored southbounds, but I got this shot anyway . . . .


There was a crew working the yard at Waynesboro, but I couldn't get an angle for a photo. I also saw a westbound CSX train parked on the Buckingham Branch just east of Staunton, but I couldn't get an angle there either.

The next day, I had planned for an extended railfan excursion around Glasgow and Lynchburg, but, I guess all that driving caught up with me, since I didn't wake up until after 10:30am. I did go to Glasgow and Natural Bridge where I took these photos on the CSX James River Subdivision . . . .


I missed one southbound train on the NS mainline, and then a surfacing gang took it over for the rest of the day.

The next morning, the Conference had made special arrangements to tour the Buckingham Branch facilities at Staunton . . . .


. . . . and take charter busses to Covington . . . .

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 243304
Photograph © Rob Kitchen


. . . . and Clifton Forge, where the Society had a big catered spread laid out for us. I walked over to the mainline to take some photos and video, but I missed a westbound, and that was it for the evening. I did take this photo of the Smiths Creek Yard area of the C&O Heritage Center . . . .


On my way home, I made another trip through Waynesboro, but the yard crews were not by the office this morning. I did hear a northbound approaching on my scanner, so I headed north to find a photo location. I came to this location where I could shoot the train across a pasture with a farm in the background . . . .

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 243450
Photograph © Rob Kitchen


I heard the dispatcher tell them that they would meet a work train at the siding a few miles north, so I continued north to hopefully get a meet shot. I couldn't find the south end of the siding, so I settled for this shot of the northbound going over a hill at the north end of the siding . . . .


I headed back south since I heard the southbound take the signal at the south end of the siding. I was able to easily catch it since it had to slow down at the Route 611 crossing because the gates were stuck down . . . .


A 10mph slow order south of Grottoes allowed me to catch the northbound again at the curve approaching the Port Republic Road crossing . . . .


It was an unusually long train, so it had to stop north of the station at Shenandoah in order to clear the south end of the siding, blocking my view of the yard crew working behind it. I heard the yardmaster tell the yard crew that there would be two northbound trains called shortly, so I headed for Luray to see if I could get a photo of a train passing the station.

The light at the station was bad, so I continued to Summit Station to see if it was better. The photo turned out pretty well, but the video was terrific . . . .


I'll be posting the video after I finish editing it. From here, I went to Front Royal to check it out. There were maintenance problems all over the place (possibly from the heat), so no trains were running. I did find the terminal, and got this photo of the parked local . . . .

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 243448
Photograph © Rob Kitchen

I had to make one more stop on my way home at the new CSX intermodal terminal at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The last time I was there, I noticed two Genesse & Wyoming painted switchers. They were there, but an approaching storm took my light away . . . .


I didn't get a good enough view of them to see what they were lettered for. I'll have to go back on a better day.

That's about it for this trip. I have a few videos to edit and post, and will be sharing them with you later.
Rob Kitchen
Harrisburg, PA

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