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Originally Posted by Ween
I think the difference between old school burning and dodging and this example of post-processing is that the burned and dodged B&W probably still looked authentic. With Travis' photo, I don't know how anyone could say, "Yep, that looks real." Not to be mean, but it just doesn't look natural and looking at the original shows why.

The argument that it's not manipulation if you didn't create data and only used what the camera captured can't really be a stand alone definition. Here's why:

Take a look at the attachment below of a photo I Inverted. Is it manipulated? I didn't create any data; I used what the camera captured.

So, using the "no creation of data = no manipulation" theory has some holes. Unfortunately, manipulation is subjective and it's up to individual tastes. For me, I'm a less is more kinda guy, but others get great enjoyment out of a heavily processed image.
-Believe it or not, that kind of thing was done in the old darkroom days with color negs. None of this is really new, the tools are just easier, and more efficient to do it now. As to the question if it is realistic looking or not, is a different subject, and not really one of manipulation. I guess by manipulation, I define it as adding elements to an image that were not present during the creation of said photo, others probably have a different definition. Creating a good, realistic looking image with big differences in dynamic range is still challenging. As for Travsirocz image, I think the light levels look good, it just needs a slight tweak of color correction for my taste, then it would be quite realistic looking. (To much saturation, especially on the red/yellow channels, again for my taste). The file posted was the actual RAW file I believe (I could be wrong). One can not equate if a scene looks real or not based on a RAW file. RAW files are by their nature, flat, and lack contrast and color, this gets added and modified during the conversion process, the same way an in- camera .jpg does it automatically. My RAW files look nothing like the finished product.

More than anything, bravo to Travsirocz and others, for posting such images, as he points out, railroads run 24/7/365, not only on sunny days between bankers hours. Anybody can take a good pictures with the sun on their back. Creating a great image in different lighting is where its at.

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