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Default Trip Report - Chapter 3

Trip Report - 2009 C&O Railroad Historical Society Conference July 28 - August 2, 2009
Chapter 3

For my return route from Barboursville, WV, back to Harrisburg, PA, I wanted to follow the old B&O Ohio River mainline. I would pick it up just west of Lesage, and follow it to New Martinsville, and then follow the Short Line Subdivision to Clarksburg.

On my way over to the Ohio River, after leaving the hotel, I heard an eastbound train leaving Huntington for the Ohio River line. I would catch up to it after a few miles and follow it all the way to Millwood, a few miles west of Ravenswood. My first photo opportunity was at Glenwood . . . .


I checked out some more possible photo locations after I passed the train again, but, with the cloudy skies, I could not find any that I liked for the current conditions. If the sun would have been out, then things would have been different. I decided to set up at the station at Point Pleasant to get a photo and a video . . . .


After the eastbound passed by, I dropped in at the interchange tracks to get a shot of the local power laying over for the weekend . . . .


Now, the chase was back on, and I zipped through Point Pleasant to catch up to the eastbound. Once I passed it, I again began looking for photo spots. Driving through West Columbia, I spotted a very interesting prop, and turned around so that I could get a photo . . . .


The sun peeked out, just a little bit, in Clifton, so I quickly stopped and took this shot . . . .


At the Racine Lock & Dam, there is an overpass that would allow me to get an overhead shot of the train . . . .


At Letart, there was a remnant of an old conveyor belt crossing the highway and railway. It went nowhere else, just over the highway and railway (you can't tell from the photo, but both ends are simply cut off in mid air just to the left and right) . . . .


I detoured down to see the old Kaiser Aluminum plant and heard the dispatcher arrange a meet with a westbound train. The siding is not accessible, so I continued into Ravenswood and set up at the station (if you viewed the video from Point Pleasant there is also a segment from Ravenswood included) . . . .


Did you notice the rockin' and rollin' of the engines in the video?!? I could have hung around for the train I've been following all morning, but I was getting behind schedule, so I skedaddled on to Parkersburg. At the upper yard I found a matched pair of GP38s, even to the point of having consecutive numbers . . . .


They were just going to work, and I caught then again at the west end of the yard . . . .


There was a strange little railroady looking building at the west end of the yard that I later found out used to be OB Tower . . . .


It is right across the street from the old Amtrak shack that was used for a few years in the early history of Amtrak. From here I headed down to the lower yard and arrived just as they were getting ready for work as well (must have been shift change) . . . .


When I first arrived at the yard, a deer was standing on the mainline. It hung around the area for a while, but I couldn't get a clean photo. Dropping down 19th Street to the tracks, I found this westbound train parked in the siding . . . .


Leaving Parkersburg, I continued to follow the tracks, hoping for a train, but nothing came along. I did stop at the station at Williamstown to get a photo . . . .


. . . . and I just had to get this photo of the main street in St. Marys . . . .


Brooklyn Junction was very quiet, but there was some power parked around to photograph . . . .


I left the Ohio River to head east toward home. I was now following the Short Line Subdivision, which is now the mainline since the old mainline has been severed between Clarksburg and Parkersburg. There were lots of good photo locations, and the sun was finally mostly out, but there were no trains. At Lumberport, I could hear the Robinson Run crew getting blocks, but I couldn't find the train.

My final stop was to be Clarksburg, where I photographed the station and a lonely MD Tower . . . .


It was getting late, and the sun was getting low, so I made a beeline for the interstate and home. If trains are still running on these lines in the future, I will be back. I found that using a GPS is extremely efficient, and having the route already programmed in was great time saver. In a few of the photos you can see my railfan ride. If you see me trackside, stop by and say "Hi".
Rob Kitchen
Harrisburg, PA

You know you are old when the first car you owned is now considered a "Classic".
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