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Default Trip Report - Chapter 2

Trip Report - 2009 C&O Railroad Historical Society Conference July 28 - August 2, 2009
Chapter 2

I spent the entire day, yesterday, at the Conference, but this afternoon was free until dinner. I started by visiting Barboursville, or what's left of it. Almost everything that was there when I worked this area is gone. I spent a week at Roadmaster's school here, and the little school building was nowhere to be found. I left and followed the mainline down the Guyandotte River, and stopped at the Guyandotte River bridge to get a photo . . . .


From here, I drove over to the old entrance to the Huntington Shops that I used when I worked here in the `80s. It was fenced off, but I found a break in the fence and took a couple of photos . . . .


I then drove around to 8th Avenue and was lucky to find that the view was not blocked . . . .


I then stopped by at the 16th Street yard office . . . .


This view of the old passenger station, that was the division headquarters back in the `80s, and is the CSX headquarters and dispatching center today, is from the Amtrak station on the south side of the mainline . . . .


Driving under the mainline brings you to the front of the station . . . .


While I was there, an eastbound train passed by . . . .


At the Conference, I learned about the James River Turnpike, which runs along the mainline west of Huntington. There were plenty of photo locations driving along the mainline, but nothing was moving, in fact, it was eerily quiet on the scanner. Arriving in Ceredo, the CSX local was getting ready to leave Kenova, but I was more interested in going to the Kanawha River Terminal on the Ohio River. I had never been there before, and I was not disappointed . . . .

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 293414
Photograph © Rob Kitchen


I heard a westbound approaching Kenova, on the scanner, so I headed for a good spot for a photo. I chose to go out to 18th Street where I could get a piece of the N&W bridge in the background . . . .


I wanted to go to Prichard to see if NS had started construction on the new intermodal terminal. On my way there, I spotted this NS train coming back from the riverfront . . . .

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 293417
Photograph © Rob Kitchen

I got this view of the C&O Big Sandy River bridge just south of Kenova . . . .


Driving down US52, I met a westbound NS train, but, again, there was nowhere to park and get a photo. At Prichard, I did not see any sign of the new intermodal yard, but I did see this humongous coaling station . . . .


While I was standing here, I heard the air horn of a train in the distance. I got setup to catch it as it passed under the coaling tower, but it was a ghost train, it went right by me and I didn't see it. Oops, I forgot about the CSX Big Sandy Subdivision on the other side of the river. The race was on to see who would get to Louisa, KY, first. Once again, I did . . . .


I had not planned on going this far south. I wanted to spend more time in Russell, so I made a pit stop and headed back up the river on the Kentucky side. Approaching the Ashland refinery, I heard a southbound (eastbound) train on the scanner. I found a long stretch of road that ran right alongside the track, and caught it twice . . . .

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 293419
Photograph © Rob Kitchen

My next stop was to be BS Cabin at Big Sandy Junction. While waiting for the sun to come out from behind a cloud, an eastbound showed up (just after the sun cleared the cloud) . . . .

Image © Rob Kitchen
PhotoID: 293420
Photograph © Rob Kitchen

While I was there, I took a photo of the tower (cabin in C&O speak) . . . .


I was now going to finally head for Russell yard, however, at the old Amtrak station in Catlettsburg, I found this westbound waiting for a spot in Russell yard . . . .


I've always wanted a good portrait of RU Cabin at the east end of Russell yard. The sun was almost perfect for me this day . . . .


I drove around the yard to the west end and found this string of locomotives parked on one of the mains . . . .


A westbound train departed the yard shortly afterward . . . .


Leaving the empty RJ Cabin alone to watch over the mainline . . . .


That was enough for this day, tomorrow will be the C&O Historical Society Bus Tour.

During the bus tour, I didn't take many photos, but the first one I took was this one of the Erie 400 parked on the west end of the Huntington station . . . .


After lunch, the busses stopped at the NRHS, C.P. Huntington Chapter, museum yard on the west side of Huntington. Their main attraction was C&O 2-6-6-2 1308 . . . .


The local group that restored the C&O Catlettsburg station hosted a small reception for the tour group . . . .


While we were there, a couple of eastbound trains came by. The second one was piloted by a COHS member who had an excellent presentation, at the Conference, on a previous evening . . . .


The former C&O passenger station at Ashland, KY, has been taken over by a bank, but they have preserved the railroad nature of the structure by integrating the drive through bays with the old platform canopies . . . .


This is the end of Chapter 2 of my trip to the COHS Conference. Chapter 3, the final chapter, will follow.
Rob Kitchen
Harrisburg, PA

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