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Default PSE 7.0 Help question for noise


I got dinged for to much noise/grain on this shot.


My questions are these. Can this be fixed in Photoshop Elements 7.0?

If so, Can somebody give a step by step process of how to reduce/clean up this noise using PSE 7.0 for this shot. Easily? Without using layers?

I have not dabbled with this so make it easy to follow please.

As always,
Thanks in advance!

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It's not so much noisy as it is poor image quality. Looks like the shot was a little soft and some selective sharpening was used.

- Chris
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Chris Z
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Looking at all the jagged lines, it looks to me as if it was oversharpened, which is probably what gave you the grainy look. Maybe you can process again from an original copy and try again.

Chris Z
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Should PSE7 be like PSE3 then to reduce noise simply choose Filter / Noise / Reduce Noise and mess around with the sliders to taste. Strength of 3 is a good starting point, Preserve Details maybe 50. Reduce Color Noise, be careful with, as a high setting can result in unpredictable changes. For example, I have seen high settings turn red marker lights to gray - if you are not looking for that it can be easy to miss.

The Strength slider is the most important of the three.

Agree with Chris Z.
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