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Default Submissions to Trains mag

I was thinking of submitting some images to Trains, but I see on their submission guidelines they don't want you to crop, sharpen,or otherwise do any manipulation.

I kind of can understand this, but all my stuff accepted here has been cropped, rotated, sharpened, and whatnot.

For any of you who have submitted work to Trains, etc, do you really not perform any alterations; or do you submit an unaltered TIFF along with a polished - up JPEG to show what potential a photo might have?



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I guess they want the original file so they can process it themselves to their liking? Not sure how I feel about that, although I'm sure they have professionals do it.
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I actualy thought they wanted untouched RAW files. Otherwise I can't speak for their guidelines as I have had zero luck getting anything in their pages. At this point, I'm not even sure I could get a subscription. I do think it's a bit odd they want to do all of the processing themselves. They also want a full size crop. But files are so large now, they should be able to accept some cropping and not lose too much on their end. However, their magazine; their rules.
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