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Default Need help with a few

Hey all,

Thanks for the help so far on my recent shots.

Need help with a few more.


its was sunny. the sun was muted the slightest it by a thin thin cloud. but i dont understand the Bad Angle. he was coming at me around a curve.


i have shots with the train closer to me. should i use one of those? i dont want to lose the train above him in the background though.

As always, the help is appreciated.

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1.) I don't see the Bad Angle, but do think there's a lot of space to the left side of the frame. I wonder if the screener clicked on the wrong thing again.

2.) Definitely need the train coming at you to get a little closer.

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In both cases you have a lot of uninteresting foreground grass. I don't mind moving the train up in the frame but when you do so whatever is in the foreground has to complement the shot and in these it just doesn't to my eye.
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First one looks more like "bad cropping" to me as well, though the angle is not brilliant. Just a (personal) thought, but maybe "bad angle" is a subtle hint to not to bother trying further with this one as it is not really a fixable problem, whereas bad cropping is.

Agree with Joe on the second one, try one of the shots with the train a bit further round the curve but, if you do, some of the foreground needs cropping out.

If you go back to that location again, I would try standing further back if it is possible and try for a more side-on view.
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I shot NS 37A coming out of the tunnels in Gallitzin, PA and shot the excursion to Pittsburgh at the Cassandra overlook. One thing I have to say about the photos, you might try cropping a little tighter. Too much dead space on the left and right of the train in question. I do like the location and lighting though, definitely a place I'd be interested in going to.
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