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Default Help on a few pics

I think the first one could get in... The second one is iffy with not a completely lit nose, but there seem to be others accepted with shade on part of the nose.


Thanks for advice.

Cory Rychener
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The first one is overexposed and undersaturated, you can fix that in post. Cropping recommendation would be cut out most of that sky and about half of the dead space in front of the locomotive on the left, then get rid of some of the field too.

Second one, it does not have full nose light, which is why you got the backlit rejection. It's one of the most inconsistently screened rejection here. You appeal you might get it in, its like screener russian roulette.
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First, what Troy said, but the key is that you need to have the train off the vertical middle line - either put it above the middle or below. Given the plain blue sky, I would suggest above the middle (so Troy's "cut out most of that sky").

Second, there is some inconsistency but there is a basic principle also - the more ordinary the shot, the more any missing light on the nose counts against acceptance. Here, the dark nose makes it blend in to the background somewhat despite the difference in color. Thus, it is sufficiently deficient not to make the RP standard in terms of lighting on a standard wedgie. I'd guess an appeal would fail. I'd say enjoy the shot, just one of those shots that doesn't fall within RP's preferences.
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What they said about the first shot, I agree with mostly. I'd cut some off the left side of the frame too. There's too much nose room for the lead unit. I like the second shot, but not a huge fan of the cropping. The train is too centered top to bottom and again there is too much room on the left side of the frame. Take this with a grain of FWIW though since the screener did not hit you with Bad Cropping on this one.
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Thanks for the advice guys. The first one got in! I cropped the second one like you suggested Joe, but it still got rejected for color/oversaturation so I changed it, but will have to wait till tomorrow to submit it. Maybe I should get a paid membership? Anyways I appreciate the help since most everything I'm learning is self teaching or looking at other pictures. None of my family or friends are really into photography unfortunately.

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