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Default Researching 70s railroaders

I am trying to find pictures showing the locomotive engineer on a freight job in the 70s. Preferably during the summer months.

I am working on a photo idea. I had originally planned to have the cliche long haired 70s character (that my brother would have played to a T) sporting a scraggly beard and wearing the popular 70s band shirt. Through research I have found that such a character would have been unlikely and probably despised.

I can only find images showing cold month operations. Can't see myself convincing the hired help to wear a sweater and jean coat in the current weather conditions!

If you have photographs that may help in my research I would greatly appreciate the help. Or if you know of an archive that would have what I'm looking for that would also be helpful. I struck out on an RP search. Their search tool, my computer, and my patience do not get along...
Anthony Dickson
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