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Default Reason for photo rejection

I don't have a grudge against this site or anything, but would like further explanation other than "bad crop" for rejection of this otherwise decent photo.

The original pic I cleaned up by making brigher and other color adjustments and tightening the shot.


The second was for bad cropping.

The third was cropped even tighter, since it was a very wide angle shot.

How else would you crop this shot? I cropped most of the RH corner grass and highway parts out of the pic.
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I suspect the real reason is that they don't like the cloudy day.

The only way to crop it tighter is to crop out the culvert, but that changes the whole shot - probably in a way that you wouldn't care for as much as the way you composed it.

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Due to the poor lighting the subject is really "lost" in the background (white snow).

Im not sure a tighter crop would help too much more. I think I would just keep this one for my personal collection if I were you.
Chris Starnes
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