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Joe the Photog
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Default Fess up screeners. Who hates CSX?

There is a screener that does not like CSX units.

Same place, same lighting. One accepted, one rejected. Accept WLE, reject CSX.
Page 7 of this thread --

Re: RailPictures.net

Interestingly, I found more CSX shots here than UP when I did a search. This surprised me for a few reasons, especially since some early CSX shots are listed for their predeccessor company.

But just wanted to give you a heads up that RP was now rejecting CSX shots.

Joe the Photog Dot Com
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Carl Becker
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Obviously that dude has no idea what good color for the photo truly is...

Not that it makes any difference to the discussion, but I found that that guy only has one CSX photo in the database (notice it's not labeled properly):

Image ©
Photograph ©

Perhaps he doesn't realize that just like any other color on a locomotive, you can't overprocess CSX colors either?
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River Rails Photography
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apparentley, http://www.csxsucks.com hates CSX
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LOL Thats so funny. People just seem to amaze me by their stupidity!
-Alex Moss
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Thumbs up mabinogi gold swg credits

mabinogi gold swg credits warhammer gold warhammer gold warhammer gold
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Originally Posted by joef5052881
Uh oh, he's back.
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Walter S
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C-mon Jim you dont want any gold? Seriously these people need to get a life.
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