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Paolo Roffo
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Default Backlit, but

Yes, its backlit.

But when I pulled up to the 3rd Avenue crossing and saw the dark clouds in the background and the faint rainbow over the Prudential Tower, I decided to take the shot anyway. Mostly, I liked the contrast between the bright side of the train and the dark clouds.

That said - work submitting?
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The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. I have the pictures to prove it.
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I'm just not seeing "RP" here, the white cars are too distracting, they become the focal point and maybe i just don't like mid-train focal points and/or plain white focal points.

Regardless of whether this goes to RP or personal collection, if the contrast between train and clouds is what you like, I suggest you play it up a little. Here, a -10 in the highlights part of the Shadows/Highlights tool gives a version that I like better, and in part because it knocks down the brightness on the white cars just a bit also. You could also go a little darker/stronger.
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Well, I like it well enough. But the white cars are too overblown. If you can fix that, then I'd work on the shadows and highlights. I could be wrong, but it looks like you tried to lighten the nose and ended up going too far. Remember, the shot IS backlit. It should actually look like it.
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I don't care for the pole growing out of the engineers console. In my opinion, that's pretty distracting and ruins the photo. Other then that, I think with some processing, it'd look okay.

I would say clone them out along with the wires, but too late now.

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