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Post 'Ghost' trains in Utah

This news article at KSL TV:


makes for an interesting view and read.
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What a great story that was, you don't see many articles regarding this section of Railroad activity, most of time its either Train Crashes, people killed by a train and or Train delay's. So its good to see something different "pop-up" once in a while. From memory the only other place that I know of that has this sort of train is another UPRR "Ghost" train that is somewhere near the West Colton area. I think it sits along an old SP Mainline I think. It's roughly 250 cars long, and separted into sections, to make way for RR Crossings etc. I found the article either here on the RP.net forums or a comment made on a LUGO photo on RP.net

Pic 13 would have to be the best for me.
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Definitely a neat story, don't know how I didn't notice this post earlier. We have a "Ghost" train here in Minnesota, actually two of them that I am aware of. Both of them are unique though, being located inside city limits. One is on the old IC&E line in Faribault, MN with roughly 50-100 cars stored and this one is seperated into sections as well for grade crossings that are actually city roads and driveways to homes. The other is in Lakeville, MN located on one of Progressive Rail's lines. The local news in Minneapolis actually had a story on this one a while back, I will see if I can find the article. The story was about parents complaining because they said it was a dangerous situation to have all of these railcars stored so close to homes, resulting in their children climbing on them like a jungle gym. Funny thing was, the railroad spokesperson fired right back with something along the lines of "it is trespassing to climb on our equipment and to do so could result in legal action".
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